Workplace Interior

Hesco, Washington DC


Office design & specification


Glass partitioning & timber flooring


Clean, simple, light & bright

What we did..

Situated in an historic building, formerly a paper mill, the industrial space lent itself beautifully to a creative & funky office design.

The challenge? The size! A quaint 88 square metres to house four workstations, a one-person office and a separate conference room. Keeping it simple was therefore the only way to go.

To keep the office interior bright and airy, glass partitioning  creates the discrete spaces, making maximum use of natural daylight available.

Timber flooring in keeping with the history of the building further helps ensure that this office space offers a clean and healthy environment in which to work.

It’s well documented that the office environment has a major role to play in the happiness and productivity of staff - and with people and premises accounting for a large proportion of a company’s overhead, it pays to get the office design right.