Sustainable Exhibition Stands

HESCO, Paris


Create a new style for the HESCO corporate programme of exhibtions.


Natural and recycled materials; energy efficient lighting technology; super wide seamless screen.


Clean, simple and dynamic

What we did..

Designrock created an avant-garde and progressive stand design, with a simple open plan welcoming aesthetic. A stunning super wide screen seamless backdrop, creates maximum desired impact.

This sustainable exhibition stand solution has been designed to be reused rather than destroyed at the end of the event, conceived with longevity in mind to better stand the rigours of installation, dismantle and ultimately the test of time.


Hesco’s Marketing Director commented: ‘We’ve had some of our most successful and productive shows with this exhibition design. Our stand is always a real talking point.‘

More companies are looking to promote themselves in an environmentally-responsible way. At your next marketing event why not ensure your exhibition stand is responsibly designed? Check out these top tips for 'green exhibiting'.

Designrock make all our shows a great success and attention to detail is second to none
— Director HESCO