Showroom Interior

INDY Enabled Living, Evesham


Commercial design and installation of flagship store and showroom interior.


Fully accessible retail display units and counter.


Present a modern, vibrant and attractive face to the mobility market.

What we did..

The technical and practical issues surrounding disability, mobility and access were paramount in our interior retail design of the store and showroom. The environment created succeeds in reassuring customers that INDY understands their needs and their individuality, and at the same time reinforces their brand image.


INDY’s Director thanked Designrock’s Commercial Interior Design team for ensuring that INDY’s Enabled Living Centre opened on time and on budget:

“We really appreciate the attentive, proactive and professional approach that Designrock took in the design and management of our showroom."

Our sales are proof that our investment in Designrock is already paying dividends
— Director Indy Enabled Living