Office Environment

Spectrum Building, Bristol


Full office interior design scheme.


Photo-realistic visuals; Walk-through animation.


Healthy Workplace - Productive Company.

What we did..

To assist in marketing this commercial office space, Designrock decided to offer GVA Grimley's clients something different - an intelligent office interior that could transform a company's culture.

Environmental and staff pressures are creating a radically new way of looking at and designing the interior of an office workspace. Work spaces that foster the health and well being of staff, help to reduce staff turnover and absenteeism, as well as to attract talent. Plus a new generation of workers are increasingly looking for employers who are serious about their environmental responsibilities.

This generic office design, for the Spectrum building in Bristol, specifies environmentally friendly materials and technologies, including an unassuming yet aesthetically sophisticated energy-saving lighting solution, consuming only 10% of energy used by standard lighting.

The scheme considers the long hours spent by staff at computer terminals and encourages people to look up and to interact. Movable living walls have an astonishing effect on this workspace, both visual and climatic. An optical attraction that contributes to a healthy indoor climate by spending oxygen and air humidity, and that absorbs sound and dust.