Rapid-build, on-brand, solid and sustainable modular exhibition system.

A fully customised and professional brand presentation with integrated Audio/Visual, product displays and LED lighting

The HIVE System is a stunningly well designed, flexible & cost effective solution for any company wanting to present themselves as a formidable 21st century business to their trade show audience.
— Founder at Broken Riders

Rapid-build & flexible, Designrock's structural modular exhibition system delivers

Maximum impact

Conceived as the perfect blank canvas, HIVE System® offers multiple graphic application methods, with an optional rear lit LED logo panel providing the ultimate in full-height brand presentation


Designed to easily integrate iPad, touchsreen, LCD, print or any other enhancing technology 

Plug & play

Fast to install, and with integrated electrical and lighting, locking wall blocks create a stable and solid structure

Extended life-cycle

Designed with a replaceable outer skin, HIVE System® can be refurbished, updated or refreshed with absolute ease and minimum expenditure

Manageable logistics

Securely and neatly packed into dedicated mobile crates, HIVE System® reduces the burden of freight and labour required for similar sized custom build exhibition stand architecture

Environmental consideration

All components are manufactured using UK sourced Recycled plastic, FSC timber products, FSC honey-comb paper and ISO14001 laminates

HIVE System®. Specified and manufactured to suit your brand, your needs

See HIVE System® in use