Modular Exhibition Stand System



Tailored HIVE System® Design Visualisation 


Modular HIVE system®, paracord backpack display features and Lightbox logo


Clean, dynamic and enduring

What we did...

Our unique modular exhibition structure, HIVE System®, for exhibitions and events was tailored to incorporate bespoke display elements and deliver maximum brand presence for CamelBak.

In need of a long term solution, HIVE System® was the obvious choice - reconfigurable exhibition stand architecture that can be re-used time and again, with dynamic on-brand graphics that can be easily refreshed and updated as and when the need arises.

HIVE System® delivers all the impact of a custom built exhibition stand, whilst being flexible, reusable and adaptable, at a more accessible price point. With scope to incorporate whatever functionality is required, including the latest technology, HIVE System® really packs a punch.