Lounge Bar Interior

Shintori, Barnstaple


Create an identity & interior design for a new cocktail lounge bar/restaurant.


Brand identity; Full interior design concept & specification.


Shintori "New style, new reason"; playful yet sophisticated.

What we did..

Located within a Grade II* listed building, we needed to honour the original heritage of the building and enhance existing features that had to be conserved.

Designrock's interior design mixed the old and new. Influenced by various Steampunk and Victoriana themes, we incorporated optical illusions and unique, bespoke items of furniture that present elements of surprise and reflect the vision behind the restaurant and lounge bar.

Specifying specialist environmentally-friendly plaster techniques, the latest in LED lighting and solid, natural materials, the interior design scheme is a celebration of both the historic and the contemporary.

Designrock showed themselves to be fresh, highly motivated and very competitive
— Director Fu-Tze Ltd