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Good design is sustainable!

We passionately believe that designed sustainably, using the universal principles of design, every building, interior or exhibition stand will ‘work hard’ and earn its keep.

Helping clients...

Stand out from the competition

Connect a brand with its environment

Enhance the customer experience

Instill confidence, and encourage customer spend

Nurture health and well-being

Improve staff morale and productivity

…our design and build service goes beyond creating striking and functional environments. We care deeply about how these goals are achieved, about the effect on people and on the broader environment.

Each and every environment we create is designed with people in mind. We believe in creating spaces that are healthy for occupants, staff, visitors and customers. Why? Put simply, we believe good interior design nurtures well-being and productivity.

How does this work in practice?

We specify durable sustainable materials from renewable and recyclable resource streams

Our supply-chain supports local environmentally responsible suppliers and local economies

We use and specify energy efficient technologies

Our holistic approach ensures end-results that are environmentally, economically and socially sustainable

Our designs are inherently simple, flexible and streamlined to material sizes

All of our designs make optimum use of natural daylight

We create spaces that are free from chemicals and pollutants