Dual Brand Exhibition Stand

Oakley ESS, Paris


Create an exhibition stand display to showcase both the Oakley and ESS brands, products and technology.


Sustainable materials; designed for longevity and flexibility; optical laser demonstration.


One architectural solution, two brands.

What we did..

Designrock exhibition designers devised an affordable grid panelled modular structure that would ensure maximum durability and flexibility for future events.

In generating a show specific marketing theme “Superior Optical Performance”, the exhibition design team gave prominence to the market-leading technology key to both Oakley and ESS eyewear.

The dual brand exhibition stand structure, featuring back-lit logos, bespoke tube-light product displays and frameless video presentations, was unified through a central live optical laser demonstration.


Both brand teams agreed that the space worked well to differentiate their offer.

Unmatched creativity, expertise, dependability, and commitment to flawless execution at the finest detail
— Director International Sales Oakley Inc.