Demo Room

Invensys Rail, Chippenham


Design, production and installation


A genius bar style technology demonstration area


Hi-tech exhibition and high visual impact to echo a well established company identity

What we did..

These leaders in rail technology required a products and systems demonstration area, housed within an existing workshop, to present high definition videos and display information connecting over networks to trackside hardware.

Creating a new room with motion sensors, we made best use of the existing space, delivering high visual impact and facilitating a focused and immersive experience for visitors.

The aesthetic establishes a distinct contrast between the working areas and the demonstration facility.

Central to the demonstration facility design is a genius bar that allows visitors to view the different systems and presentations in a less formal way. What they experience in the presentation is echoed within the interior architecture so that clients are left with a strong and lasting impression.

Sequenced, energy efficient LED lighting provides a range of moods and focus for the different stages of the presentation, all controlled via a handheld wireless touchscreen interface.