Container Exhibition Stand

HESCO Bastion, London


Turn-key exhibition stand design and build service


Shipping containers integrated with HIVE system®


Product display 'cargotecture'

What we did..

Shipping containers as exhibition stands at both indoor and outdoor events aren't an uncommon sight. But when those containers happen to be the product itself...

HESCO RAID is a rapid delivery system, using a specially designed and engineered container for the deployment of HESCO Mil 7 Concertainer.

The 'cargotecture' worked perfectly with our HIVE®modular exhibition system, with the added benefit that the stand components were packed inside for transportation. A neat solution.

Modifications allowed for the integration of meeting space and an audio visual lounge.


Stacking two RAID one on top of the other allowed high branding presentation, full size demonstration of the product and maximised the impact, making the exhibition stand an easily identifiable landmark within the show.