Coffee Shop Interior

Kikiwabu Artisan Coffee


Branding and interior design


Communicate a Native American inspired brand

What we did…

A new build commercial unit on a business estate is the home to new artisan coffee brand Kikiwabu. The warehouse with its polished concrete floor, concrete block walls and metal framework is a fairly hard, cold space. Using lots of warm, inviting and tactile oak helps to soften the environment.

The name Kikiwabu derives from ‘Muckadaymashkikiwabu’, ‘coffee’ in Ojibwen, and literally translated means ’black medicine water’. Ojibwen? The language of the Anishinabek Native Americans obviously! And this provided the main inspiration for the interior design. Haida style inspired murals, a carved oak service counter and geometric lanterns work together to tell the story of Kikiwabu. 

A glass walled coffee room selling artisan products and ground or unground speciality beans from feature glass pods creates some theatre around the spacious service area, as customers queue for their favourite ‘medicinal’ brew! 

Operating initially as a cafe and shop selling the artisan coffee and bespoke products, plans are to bring bean roasting in-house in the future, and careful consideration was given to this during the design process.